What is C Difficile? What are the symptoms of C Diff infection? How can it be treated and how can it be prevented? Our bodies are home to many bacteria including c diff. Good bacteria kills or inhibits “bad” bacteria before it can harm us. When the good bacteria are killed by antibiotics taken for other medical conditions, C Difficile, which some people carry in their intestines, can create severe illness.


Fidaxomicin (trade name Dificid) is a new type of antibiotic. It is taken orally and has a low impact on the bloodstream. It kills the target bacteria and has been shown to kill Clostridium difficile without attacking the many healthy bacteria found in the normal, healthy intestine. This in turn lessens the chance of further C Diff attacks.

Fidaxomicin has been developed by Optimer Pharmaceuticals. It works by inhibiting the bacterial enzyme RNA polymerase. This results in the death of Clostridium difficile.

Dificid and Dificlr
These are 2 of the trade names under which Fidaxomicin is marketed around the world. Studies looking at the effectiveness of the drug proliferated in 2012 and links to these can be found at our c-diff.net companion site. Fidaxomicin (Dificid, Dificlr)

For more technical information and the background to Fidaxomicin (Dificid) check Wikipedia